Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Night Surfing

We have a bunch of 'youf' around our house tonight - all from our Church. So other than my assignment to bake edible sugary snacks... I am not needed, so have snuck upstairs for some Sunday Night Surfing...

Spotted: The new Love Elsie ranges (Cody & Claire) but I have to say that the original Love Elsie lines are still my fav. These girly lines are a little wishy washy (and the boys are all a little too "Stars & Stripes"...which is totally ok for my nephews who abode in the fair land of the free - just not ideal for Arsenal loving lads residing in Essex.)

BUT those Lacy Cardstocks ...Mmmmmmmm! Transcends continents. Very bubblegum pop colours (which are hot hot hot...) and think of all the possibilities. Pass on your Grandma's doily - as these are the next generation. Hopefully they will not be lining any teacake trays anytime soon ;)

Also waded through my craft shed (should I take pics... would you like to see how scary it looks?!!) I spotted some retro (from middle earth) old school scrapbooking stuff. Does anyone use their stash pre 2002? I still *love* some of it - but others I am just plain scared of.
There needs to be a comp somewhere to post layouts using your OLD STASH... and I think I may be the lady to start the ball rolling. I tell you what. How about I put together a box of cool *new-ish* stash for the winner that is chosen by you lot? Email me your pics and name, I will load them up here - and the fav gets the pile of goodies. Will take a pic of the pile of goodies tomorrow and load it... to tempt and motivate (as if using your old stuff needs any more motivation...) END DATE: March 31st 2008.
Let's get scrapping with those scraps!
Becks x

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