Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New TOY!

Tuesday nights are girls nights in my house. Scrapping, eating (although dagnabit one of us is on a diet and it isn’t me...) We have the odd indulgence (we are girls after all) but mostly we cut things up. Sometimes if it is Spooks season we bypass all paper ;)

Anyways, I deviate... tonight Ruth brought her new toy to waft it under my nose and make me green. Martha (Queen of all Craft Kingdom in the US of A...) has a bible-esk publication that Ruth hefted into my house and preceded to flick through. The smell of the brand new pages were heavenly – and the content is crazy (get this; space planning fundamentals for living rooms we are meant to leave traffic lanes... and have an optimum TV watching angle.) Ruth is now a reborn homemaker, feeling assured that this book will be life changing, and encourage her to add the 5 whisks she is missing from her pithiest single whisk collection.

Martha will now become the standard works in homemaking – and I feel sure that I may have to resort to quoting... either that or find a reason to ‘borrow’ the book. I may have to tear it from Ruth's grasping hands - as me thinks she is trying to avoid reading our Book Club monthly read (which is dreadful...) Seriously if anyone can tell me why Twilight was ever published, and even recommended... then purrrrlease enlighten me.

Please do not think Nigella is any less my hero - as Martha can never compete (except in the page count...) Homekeeping Handbook here I come!


Beckie said...

Well I love twilight, easy read and my imagination runs wild! As for Jacob ..... mmmmm!
I have the others from the set if you want to borrow! :)
So you won't want to come and see the film then??
It was the Rusty girls that got me hooked!!

Ruth said...

Just finished Twilight and guess what - I loved it! So it wasn't perfect - bit too much gushing and I don't get why he had to protect her from falling over so desperately (she'd managed with out him for 17 years), but I woke up at 1.30am to read for an hour and a half on Sunday morning! Bring on the next one - don't worry I'll read it out of the book club!