Thursday, March 13, 2008


Stonking headache after a whirlwind trip down to Bournemouth and back... BUT I did get to play with some new toys. I like toys - heck, I would say that I feel a little deserving when it comes to gadget geek inventions that bring us on par with the boys. Not that I am keeping score ;)

It is official! DO are now exclusively distributing the Cropadile and Big Bite... as well as other We R Memory Keepers lines. Product won't be available immediately; but you know what they say - watch this space ;)

Last note before I sink into a LUSH bath bombed bath... Eyes; the window to the soul. Here is one man that has touched my life - been a very level head and heart... and no blood relation. Those twinkling eyes and wrinkles say volumes about a life laughed and lived. I hope that when I am his age that I will have a legacy as great as his. It's what is it all about folks... you get one crack at life - and this is it! Let's get writing, scrapping, living and loving... (oh and ladies, you have to read that Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands book... it will alter your perspective ;) I say this as the boys will be too scared to recommend it to you - for fear of reprisals... hahahaa you know I am right!

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