Saturday, April 05, 2008

D-lish Delia D-lights...

I have not had the time in the last few weeks to indulge in some DELIA, but hallalujah for V+! Late last night (once I had dusted off some pages for issue 1 of Creativity! LIFE) I sat down and watched back to back Delia's CHEATING in the kitchen ;)

She has been critisced for 'dumbing down' the cookery process - yet when you watch her it is like pure poetry. She is so easy in front of the camera (actually, she is comedy at moments...) and she loves food. My kind of gal...

What I *loved* was when she was standing with her DH after a spirited (aka argumentative but passionate) TV reporter session (all on Norwich City sacking their Manager) and she turned to him and said that she wishes she was more demure, more soft spoken, more quiet and him - BUT she isn't.

She is firey, passionate and will say what comes into her head... which can get you into trouble (even laughing about the "Let's be 'aving you" legendary moment.) It made me smile, and want to plant a big kiss on those schoolmistress cheeks, as I think this is EXACTLY my relationship with my husband. He says that passion works two ways. I make things happen... I get off my backside and start a company, start a magazine, start an event... start a fight! It is nice to see that it isn't just me, and it certainly isn't just scrapbooking ;)

So I am off to M&S to stock up on those tart cases... and dare I say it, TRY a can of that mince (!!)

Later, Becks x

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