Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lemon MMMMMMMMeringue

I will say that Delia's Shepherd's Pie was not 100% d-lish.
LOVED the leeks-layered-on-mash and then cheese dripping in between... but that tinned mince?!! Well you can shove that to the back of the cupboard....never to make me endure its insipid taste again. BLAH! I am a meat freak - I love *good* (usually organic) meat and will eat less of it, to just spend a little more and eat well. Maybe higher standards led to a wee bit of disappointment... BUT - I persevered with the Lemon Meringue recipe... and Delia is redeemed.

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this desert. I LOVE it... it is in my top 3 favs all time. I can basically eat a whole one without letting anyone as close as a sniff. BUT I hate the fact that all my attempts to replicate this desert in any sensible format have been met with disaster. So after the Shepherd's Pie lack lustre result, I was a little wary of forking out £1.75 for a jar of TIPTREE'S Lemon Curd & £2.29 for the M&S Pastry Case recommended...

I can tell you though I am now close to evangelical about how GREAT this recipe is... The smell and taste were heavenly... and being the Sabbath, I felt ultra angelic devouring (and sharing) it. All you need is one egg, a lemon (zest and juice), a jar of Tiptree's lushous Lemon Curd (worth EVERY penny) and 2 tbls of Creme Fraiche. I now have a Lemon Meringue worthy of my MIL visiting... and quite simply the best thing I have tasted.

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