Monday, April 28, 2008

I *love* sunshine...

I love the sunshine... and thankfully this weekend there has been plenty to go round. It also means that Hay fever is not far away (grrrrrr) but for now I am breaking open my fav Roxy flip-flops and pretending like I live on the Med. Ladies in Essex are renown for stripping off at any excuse, and barely a hint of summer... so I expect to see flesh, and need to grab some Johnsons & Johnsons fake stuff to be on par with some of the shadings I come across ;)

So the PERFECT accompaniment to sunshine is the scrummy and frivoulously light Doodlebug Design FUNDAMENTALS. This base paper range has had a facelift, and is now fresh, bang up to date and the ideal backdrop all your DBG layouts. The theory that working from the same colour palette means that you can use ANYTHING in their range (from day dot onwards...)

You are going to *love* them!

My daughter is now officially DORA mad. We speak 'Spanish' - alrllllllllla (a lot of tongue action and a kind of interesting noise that means 'open'... too funny!!) I now have to locate as many Dora type scrapbooking products to record this love affair. Suddenly all those naff themed papers seem *really* necessary!! Will have to google for this - as off the top of my head I cannot think of any Dora collaborations with Scrapbooking Suppliers!
I also have a girly weekend planned. My sis who lives in the US is heading this way - and bringing my Wacom (Mmmmmmm) as well as our Wii (FINALLY!!) So I expect a fruitless few days whilst I just dream and drool with anticipation. I will be good for nothing once I start ripping into those boxes...

Later, Becks xxx

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