Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Collar Bones & Sympathy ;)

Can you beleive it - my poor niece has fallen and broken her collar bone - and all my boys can say is *pants, does this mean Auntie V isn't bringing the Wii*...????

I won't also say that my initial horror at this news had nothing whatsoever to do with the pain my niece was experiencing. I am a bad bad auntie... smack my wrists for being so mean!!

Anyways, the weekend is looking a little fragile - but I shall have to figure out a way to indulge a little without all those gadgets I was looking forward to unwrapping. How did we all survive with out the computer? We must have actually spoken to each other and communicated in something other than a grunt and a zoned out nod...

I have a little announcement this week - May 1st to be exact. So watch this space!

In the meantime - if anyone wants to come to the Retailer Days throughout May, let me know! Email me for a ticket, and you can actually come face to face to see what all the rumour and speculation has been about. May be not as interesting as the circulating mysteries... but a day out to see all the brands, have some grub, demos and product previews. Just email me for details and dates ;)

Later, Becks xxx

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LuLu said...

Do you have to be a retailer to attend these days? If not would be interested. Will email you.