Friday, April 25, 2008

Killer Cards...

It is healthy to have professional envy... and I have to say that Jo Kill's cards rock ;) She even did a little blog test for the Scrapbook Adhesives Runner (see HERE) and I was happy to meander around her blog for ages just adoring her wee creations. I do, however, take exception to the lack of duvet love. I would def not be without mine... ;)

The agenda for today is nailing more samples for the Trade Events. Katy and I played (aka rolled in) Doodlebug and laid it all out so it looks very very *pritttttty*. We had some of the 2008 trims and that *to die for* flock (crushed velvet) cardstock. Cannot wait to get a die cutting machine let loose on that stuff... it is scrumptious. We have 4 complete walls - and I will take pics and post when at the events... but before then it will only be sneaks ;)

Also took delivery of Club Stamp... so off to wallow in more goodies (*cough* after working really really really hard all day!)


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Charlotte said...

Need new Doodlebug NOW!!!