Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Designers..get it for FREE!!

Are you a designer who works with craft mags?

Well - it's is your lucky day ;) EMAIL ME with your name, contact details and the magazine(s) you have commissioned work with, and I will organise a hefty bumper pack of the *new* Core'dinations cardstock, as well as some other cool new bits for you to use...

Also this week:
The 5 adhesive testers (for 3L) will be announced later this week (...once I wade through my emails and find the front of my washing machine.) Yesterday did make me thank my lucky stars that I was not Noah... can you imagine that rain for 40 days?! 24 hours of horizontal hammering was enough for me to throw all the wii {limitation} rules out the window and allow a mammoth marathon... I am officially the TRAMPOLINE CHAMP... 9.512 ;) ALTHOUGH I am paying for it today with real arm ache...
I winced at 'Britains Got Talent' (?!) and ended up discovering Heath Ledger in the Four Feathers. Such a shame he died...LOVED him in A Knight's Tale... one of my top ten films.
Anyways - some pleasant pics from the last Lingfield show - and fingers all crossed for the gang tomorrow in Edinburgh!!

Becks xxx


Nikki said...

I have emailed you about the designer cardstock and keeping my fingers crossed about the 3L tester!

SallyB said...

Hi Becks..
I e-mailed about getting some free stuff to use for card commissions and as yet have not recieved anything. I shall try again!