Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bank Holiday.... breather!

I have unwrapped my last Core'dinations paper rack... straightened my last peg with BasicGrey rub-ons on.... and stroked my last flocked patterned paper sheet from Doodlebug (well - at least as a DO roadie ;)

I have hung up my car keys and am passing the mantle of 'enthusiast' with a pen and clipboard to Beckie Dreyer for the finale Edinburgh show next week. I will be knee high in pages to approve for Creativity Life issue 1 instead, and whilst I have loved to be with the team; I am soooooo looking forward to you all seeing this magazine...

<<<<<< Sneak Peak at our new website...!!!

The website will launch with FREE downloads, and some special exclusives {details to follow} and the techy brains behind it, are working hard (no breaks or food and water allowed) to make it look and feel a little *special*... not one peel off in sight ;)

I should sheepishly admitting to admiring a CLUR CURD card that had a peel off on it. BUT in my defense, she had hidden it (so sly) beneath a coloured permanent ink that made it look like a glossy black embossed edging. That is why she does what she does... to catch craft snobs like me out ;)

Enjoy the long weekend!
Becks xx

1 comment:

Polly said...

OMG laydee! Can't wait to see this webby!!! It looks so super dooper delish-cio-soo! :)
And peel offs!!!! noooooo!