Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forever Friends (and the old bags...)

Forever Friends... Holly gets to play with the cute and cuddly bear as she works on her september launch of a Forever Friends line. I may adore the boutique beautiful; but the stamp designs and paper pads bring that nostaligic furry feeling and I can just see me popping a few of the collection kits in Santa sacks (on behalf of the man himself...!) My girls would go nuts... and I would have to whip out my brown Doodlebug flock to give each stamp a fuzzy soft nose ;)

Retailers have also been going ga ga for the neat bundles of Queues. I have to say that I am looking forward to getting lots of play time when the last show is packed up next week, and small {but perfectly formed} feet are massaged... bunions and blisters urghhhhh!

We conducted a quick test yesterday... as the bags {not us} are beginning to show ;)

I bought that *miracle professing* Anti-Bag/Anti-Circle roller (it is like using the new BasicGrey rub-on roller on your face...) and after a quick whip around the undereye, we were all severely underwhelmed. It made us look like we have been wailing for a week. Granted it does say use it daily... but it also said *instant* results. NOPE... pants... not worth even half price in Tescos... so save your money and get more sleep (mmmmm, sleeeeeeeeeep!!)

Had a great time catching up with Vikki (Capture the Magic) who saved £££ with ActSmart (the independent retailer service company that consolidates services to save retailers muchos pennies... and with Vikki it was more than just hundreds of £££!!!) For more details on ActSmart click HERE as you would be silly not to save yourself... and I like how they talk about your 'bottomline' tee hee... ;) For Arts & Crafts click HERE (DO subsidise this for their retailers...)
Off to Lingfield in a few hours...
Becks xxx


karen said...

ohh! forever friends now im intrigued roll on september, this sounds so good for those cutie cards and pages

Foxcraft said...

Oooh my mates and I were Forever Friends mad when we were younger (my mum used to send me out to buy my own birthday card to make sure I got "the right" Forever Friends card!)

I like the sound of FF stash!

xxxx Caz

Lighthousegirl said...

There are two products that I always reach for on those days when you just look like you have not slept in years and you feel hundreds of years old... They are not cheap but are in my opinion so worth it and last for ever. I travel a lot with work and then pull long hours, often presenting to groups of people etc.

So what are they

Firstly Flash Beauty Balm from Clarins - check it out here under radiance

and then to make the eyes look human YSL's Touche Eclat - very flash web site here

enjoy spoiling yourselves - it sounds like you have earnt it!

Debsg said...

Thanks for the review. I will save my money for more stash! Deb x