Friday, May 02, 2008's the wii-kend!

So it is almost Wii-Day... and I am less than 24 hours away from Mario Kart, Zelda and hours of selfish fun (cough... with my sweet children.)
I also get to travel back up norf' to hang with my other sister and brother... so it is one big Beere Fest (see what I did there?!!) I am not expecting much in the way of sleep or good food - but plenty of gossip and catching up and wii-ing. Persistent bladder jokes are going to be the required discussion topic.
I also am looking at all the V1 (nope, not a music festival... rather an exiting version 1 of the new Creativity Life mag...) pages. Have to say that I am showing a few non-craft mates, and they love the look and feel. I have gone for a non-traditional-craft mag vibe. The proof is definitely in the pudding (mmmm... pudding...)
Other craft news - looks like Jayne Bentley is back in business (this is a turn of phrase folks - no comment on anything business related...!) I have never met her personally, and therefore never make any judgements on folks I do not know (safer that way) but she has a lovely write up in this issue of Craft Business - all about her design work with Crafty Bitz (as well as some of her history...) Women in craft who stick their heads above the parapet do have a tendency to get fired at - so good for her that she has the balls to stand up and be counted.
Later, Becks xxx

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