Sunday, May 04, 2008

Retail Therapy...

What happens when a bunch of women (urm... grown up girls - women ages us considerably!) get together loaded with grown up credit cards, and no groaning husbands (some in far distant countries and counties ;)

RETAIL THERAPY... that's what happens.
Dangerous, but true - it seemed the only possible source of entertainment... and amongst 4 sisters of varying style persuasions - our main port of call was Meadowhall. Armed with a passion for fashion, we weaved our way through every hip and happening boutique type shop... even popped into the preppy ones (I *like* preppy...) much to the chagrin of my baby sister!
Shoes, bags, tops, trousers... all on the list (which we made up as we went along btw...!!!) Never had so much fun with my siblings since we all put the Turkey back in the freezer after it was defrosted one Christmas and got pulled in front of the 'firing squad'.
For me NSD (Urm - that would be National Scrapbook Day for dunces like me that feel their age with all these 3 letter abbreviations?!) Anyways, NSD is more about MAKING YOUR MARK - a day that is memorable and WORTHY of scrapbooking. The whole point for scrapping is to create a photo album that is more than just pictures. Who cares how arty farty it is - they are your memories, and they can be as squiff and scintillating as you like. Sure, if you want to go down that 'what look's best' route - then read mags, swot up on designer tips and start collecting all those sketchy-things to scrap from scratch from... BUT live a lot in between. LOVE loads, laugh and wet your pants with hysterics more... and remember that you get ONE shot at it. Is it ok to muff bits up - for sure. Scrap it all the same, and let your kids know that mum isn't perfect (so when they make mistakes they know you can survive!!)
Not meant to be an essay... just pretty *pumped* (cringe - one of my sister's lives in the USA and we were picking on her Americanisms... everything was totally *cute* and *darling* - too easy to get into the swing of it!!) LOVE my sisters. Every single one of them... xxxx

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