Monday, June 30, 2008

Gone Scrapping...

FINALLY... I scrapped 7 layouts last night. Granted I had an incentive as I have a few Scrapagogo kits I need to *USE* ;) I have to quit being a stash library... or so my DH tells me.

I challenged myself to only use what was in the kit - and it was strangely liberating. No sifting for stash... and no time wasting looking for the alphabet sticker I wanted. If it wasn't in the kit, then it wasn't going on.

I think sometimes the choices can be so overwhelming, that we hit a wall creatively, and suddenly lose the plot. I think the stash gluttons amongst us are the worst culprits, and I hold my hands up and say that too much of a good thing is BAD ;)

I did add my fav adhesive - and played with the new adhesive sheets from 3L. They are AMAZING. Crystal clear (which was perfect for the fancy pants overlay.) You cannot even see that the adhesive is there... and it is on layered onto my photo, which I am not sweating over as it is all photo safe...
CHA: It seems that some vendors are not exhibiting at CHA Summer this year... and I think this trend will snowball. It is all hail the Internet, where shopping, ordering and viewing are all virtually accessible. There is no real need to jump on a plane for a face to face order. Whilst is it delicious to touch and stroke irl - chances are that vendors will save money by email-blasting details globally and hit a much wider web of customers.

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