Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Mate MARK

How cool is my mate MARK... just signed a deal... and he rocks ;)
He is one part of The Magistrates - an emerging Essex band. Just click the link to hear his kind of music. He IS being a wee bit CAMP for the photos ;) but you have to let him off, as we were both out in Braintree today at HELPING HANDS (which is a national day of voluntary service where hundreds of folks get off the sun lounger and donate their time to making a difference in the community.) I am totally sunburned on my neck... and I tried to avoid the outside (the bane of hay fever) so I pity the poor boys that toiled all day - they are going to be lobsters.
Anyways - listen to the link and then keep your eye out for the band... I am sure they are heading for great things ;)

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