Monday, June 23, 2008

Spotted: 7gypsies CHA Summer Catalogue..

You can view it all HERE... enjoy!

ATC Tab Packs.
Metal index tabs to fold over the edge of a card for that special touch. In two great designs: numbers and vintage letters.

ATC Stamps
In six designs, 3 designs on each stamp. Now you can stamp your important documents 3 ways with these self-inking stamps.

Zanzibar 2-sided ATC Cards
From our Zanzibar collection - now reduced to Lilliputian size for ATC use. Printed on both sides so you can see these cards both coming and going - no matter what size you are.

97% Complete Photo Carousel Tags
Whether you’re using them to record memories, display photos, or simply spice up your designs, the beautiful new Photo Carousel cards are a simple and fun way to add your memories to your Photo Carousel. 2 collections.

Photo Carousel Transparences
Customize your photo carousel cards and tabs with these new transparent photo edges. 10 designs.

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