Friday, July 18, 2008

BasicGrey goes FABRIC...

Spotted: That's right... BASICGREY now has it's own fabric (a la Urban Couture...) with the queen fabricators - MODA. Not one to shun anything BasicGrey, I may have to redeem my quilting books and high power vacuum the dust from them.
I do own a handmade quilt which sits like a period piece from Ideal Home, at the end of my thick pine bed posts. It was a Wedding Prezzie from a wonderful American *grandma* I knew back in my "living in Turkey" days... Karen Black - and it is a family heirloom now. It goes camping, cuddling on the sofa, and replaces our goose down duvet when it gets a little 'warm' (would say hot... but we are talking about a UK summer here ;) Would I try to create something with this fabric?! Probably not... BUT I have a great friend who made quilts for each of my babies when they were born, and she would *adore* this fabric to toy with. Her home is Laura Ashley and John Lewis - the perfect fit :)
Ok - heels on, camera in my bag... map... and off we go!

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Missy said...

Hello Miss Becks. I hope you are enjoying the Chicago least there is something good about not making the trip to the Summer show this year. Any chance you have access to the new Crate lines....I hear they are scrumptions but haven't seen any peeks yet. I'm dying here!!!

To think that BasicGrey almost bankrupt me with their papers....oh man, I am in BIG, I mean BIG HUGE, trouble with their fabric.