Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We have landed in steamy hot Chicago... and the plane ride was like a UK scrap convention. The delish Barry (Ellison/Sizzix) was there, as well as the Scrapagogo gang (even spotted Helen Miles from afar - and she did some guest DT work in Creativity Life!) ...and CTM. It is great bumping into Brits abroad - and we are suitably well behaved ;)

So the rest of the day is just a quick dip in the pool to stop this sweat cascading in rivers - eugh! Then there is this utterly AWESOME (and I do not use this word lightly) Mexican restaurant round here where I am dying to eat. Having discovered it last year with my sis (who flew in for a girly weekend...) I have cravings (NOPE - not THOSE kinds...) for the to-die-for tucker. Layer me in salsa and call me Juanita...
Will also be taking my bestest canon out on tour... so pics to follow!

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