Friday, August 01, 2008

QVC Prep Work!

Not sure what the weekend holds for most of you... but for me I have to roll up my sleeves and prep for a pending screen test this coming week. It is all part of a Creativity Life slot that will see some great products available via the UK's number one shopping channel (...well, if you discount GEMS TV which is my late night fav for an entertaining girls night in... seriously ;)
I have had my brush with live TV in my previous life, and managed to say that "banging is therapeutic" much to my embarrassment (I WAS talking about eyelet setting... honest!!) I managed to NOT have my last name highlighted in any way, but only because I was sandwiched between Alan and Barry (remember them?!!) I am pretty sure that I will have to air kiss at some stage during the proceedings, so I am taking a compass to guide my errand head so I don't wallup someone really really important... black eyes don't look that great on TV.
I will keep you posted - as Kirsty & Clur (Curd'ster) are heading to a TV screen near you at the end of September... and we have something special for you end of October/begin of November. Just try and not say erm, like... erm, loads of erm times.
Becks xxxx

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PinkLadyMel said...

Erm.. Break a leg!! :D

Be good to see some demonstrations with the projects and ideas, Plus Kirsty is so damn talented so really looking forward to her injection of life.

Good Luck Becks!!

mel x