Monday, August 04, 2008

Trend News

I somehow managed to miss Fancy Pants at CHA (although off topic, if you plug Fancy Pants into your web browser you end up with some pretty fancy tennis knickers... ;) Somehow the whole of CHA was Halloween mad - which didn't bode well for us mundane Brits who shrug this *holiday* off with our "chin up" approach to anything slightly schmaltzy and gimmicky...
I was browsing and spotted their new CHA products - and loved the hot pink take on a Christmas red. Long gone are those splotches of paint; hallelujah! Not sure if their style is something I can spot a mile off, or whether it merges into general design (much like Yellow Bicycle...) My test for new product is IF I can put the brand name to it, with just looking at the designs... that is when you know you have your own style.

So what trends can we continue to see in 2008? Well it seems like we cannot get enough of online tutorials. Anyone spotted Moo Vision yet? It's so bad, it's sooooo gooooood..... It is the UK take on those TV Weekly mega workshops - but with way less budget, but all the finesse you would expect from crafty lasses!!
I have never caught the HOTP webisodes, but I am always up for some online entertainment, especially whilst my delightful brood have control over the remote (...survival of the fittest ;)


Jo said...

online classes.. you can't beatthem.. even if it's only for the laugh sometimes!

I do however, love looking through the photoshop ones to combine with cardmaking!

Ankaroo said...


I've just found this while doing a search for MooVision to see what came up. I think you've hit the nail on the head, it's nice to know people are watching for whatever reason :o)

(The Crafty Cow AKA MooVision)