Monday, August 04, 2008

Mag Testers...

Time to put up your feet... grab a cuppa something hot, and email me your address so I can get your FREE mag out to you (as well as a boring list of questions ;) So please get in touch:

Debbie; Andrea; Click36; Angie Cork; Julia Dunnit; Jozza; Karen; Kate; Lorna; Sian; Sue; Jackie (worcs)
On another note... I was asked when at CHA {by another wholesaler} WHY Design Objectives is focusing on premium brands... when it has traditionally focused on his own lines.
Interestingly, my *almost best friend* Shelli Gardener (does it count if I have met her a couple of times and we have cried together?!! Surely that is as bonding as two gals get...) Anyways, a great quote from Shelli when asked why she (aka Stampin' Up) are teaming up with 3M (adhesive folks) - "With fierce competition and the economy tightening, we see scrapbooking retail stores closing every day,” says Gardner. Some of our products do compete, but in order to keep customers engaged and active, we need to offer as many interesting product choices as possible and let them make their own buying decisions.”
It does make sense when you put it like that (guess that is why she is a zillion-aire.) More choice for retailers, from a supplier who supports them with events/demos, exclusive magazines(s) and flyers, website traffic to stores etc...
Anyways, some great new products and suppliers are heading your way... keep watching this space! xxxx

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Karen said...

Can I ask which Karen was picked as there were 2 of us that posted?

Thank you

Karen Watson