Sunday, September 21, 2008

Household Cleaning Tips...?

So... what do you do when your 2 year takes a marker pen and drawers on your white bookcase (okay, so they were only Ikea Billy bookcases... but the pen is BLACK and I ain't feeling in the mood to take a photo to "scrap it" ;)
But that is small fry compared to aftersun spilt and gently rubbed into my carpet... which when discovered was cleaned up - only to have a brown dyed streak come up after a few days (curse you lingering tan aftersun!!!!!!!)
The creme de la creme is crayon on my walls. I say walls (plural) as the little angel did not feel content to colour her bedroom, but painstakingly wandered around the entire house spreading sunshine. My reaction to the unfolding drama was light years away from a Disney Movie (you know the ones... where parents just joke, ruffle the hair of the offending child and chuckle aloud.)

I cannot remember my other offspring being quite so *artistic*. I have even downed my camera, for fear that she is doing it to create those dreaded scrapbook moments... ;) All that keeps me warm at night is the hope that she has talent which will eventually find its proper canvas... that and house insurance!!

Becks xxx


weewiccababe said...

duct tape or a cage works quite well lol

seriously though, it makes my heart smile to hear its not just my 3 who are budding artists - I'll have to show you the pictures i took of my middle one's "lets finger and foot paint the entire living room with magnetic black paint, not forgetting my baby sister too" debacle

Cards With Love said...

Hi Becks,
Love ur blog, it reminds me I am not the only 1 with such wonderful children lol. Having experienced the very thing with crayon there is a wonderful product I have discovered that is actually intended for removing sticky stuff....BUT is flippin amazing at getting off offending crayon/pen etc:) Strangely enough it is called Sticky Stuff Remover lol....I got mine from Betterware but believe there are different places which do something very similar. Hope this helps. Love Janey xxx

PinkLadyMel said...

There are these white sponge things in the cleaning section at the supermarket. They look useless but they can get marker and crayon off things like they were nothing. Try them and I hope they save you :)

Mel x

Anonymous said...

A friend told me that Staz on cleaner will get rid of marker pen marks? Might be worth a try?

Jo said...

Becks.. I've just emailed you.. hope you get it!

Joanne said...

My creme de la creme has to be the whole pot of sudocreme that my 3 year old decided to massage in the bedroom carpet, the 16th February 2008 will forever be scratched my mind, as the day I sat with a knife trying to scrap as much as we could out of the carpet before scrubbing with every kind of chemical under the sun!

We had crayons on the bedrom furniture the other day, jif worked a treat, not sure how it will fair on walls though!

Kids you have to love them Becks!!!

kim-paperbabe said...

My four year did the same to my walls just the other day! with his green crayon and I took WD 40 let it soak in and wash off with soapy water, it doesn't take all the paint off either! hope you get it removed, (the crayon)!

Chris said...

I have no words of advice..sorry :) but your story made me laugh...probably not the response you wished for but it brought back memories of a little painting incident to do with a whole bedroom, a 1yr old and lime green emulsion, nothing went untouched...the bed, the carpet, the drawers, the child!! need I go