Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MiniTrend Alert.... Silhouettes

Who would have thought that black would morph and make a quick comeback... in the form of shadowy underworld "silhouette" stylism. For followers of fashion, the silhouette is a mini trend that is easily replicated on scrapbook pages and cards. You will have seen it with Chatterbox artsy.licious lassy... but more famously introduced with the iconic ipod silhouette ad...amongst other places! Masks, backdrops and black die cut accents are simply {yet effective} applications of this style guru 'MUST TRY'.

Want to master the trend in digi? Click HERE This is a great tutorial website which is worth bookmarking (if you are a freak for all things fanciful with a keyboard...)

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Becks xxx


Chris said...

I absolutely adore sillouhettes and it's great to see them being used in Scrapbooking... think this is one mini-trend that I will have to have a play with. TFS :)

Wendy said...

wow that is seriously effective.

Lisa said...

Hi Becks Great Blog.... thanks for the tip re the silhouette thing, am very much into black to create with and have got some silhouette stamps that I have been meaning to do something with for a while, this has inspired me to crack on with it.