Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trends 2009

THIS IS NOT a new story... already hitting the headlines in 08 with a few scrapbooking companies launching "green" collections, packaging or agendas. So why is 2009 the year of GREEN? Well, to start with, CHA (the industry trade event and association) is making it so:

Seeing Green at the CHA 2009 Winter Show
As the CHA 2009 Winter Convention & Trade Show approaches, sights are set on going green. Exhibitors, vendors and staff alike are focusing in on what it means to be green and taking actions to ensure that this winter’s show fits the bill.With the show theme It’s Easy Being Green: Discover the Possibilities, an emphasis will be placed on all things eco-friendly - spotlighting members who have already gone green, what you can do to green your business, and greening efforts on site in Anaheim. CHA has been working closely with its vendors and partners to prepare for the show while keeping the theme in mind. This winter, CHA is saving trees by cutting back the printing of informational collateral, utilizing recycled paper for what does get printed and creating the show bag from eco-friendly, recyclable sources. On site, GES and the Anaheim Convention Center are working to provide more green options by increasing cardboard recycling and re-using show badge holders.

ABOVE & BEYOND the movers and shakers waking up to the *government-created-public-awareness* there is always that nagging feeling in a paper-rich hobby that we all should be doing more to make this a sustainable industry. I am sure we will see GREEN being huge at CHA 2009, but also it will be interesting to see how this translates into local stores beyond simply selling recycled products and packaging... but into a reduce, reuse, recycle mentality.

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