Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ministry of Pastry & Pumpkin...

Here is the scoop on me:
When I do something, or want to do something... I pretty much go all out. My husband jokes that I am *crazy* (or at least I think it is a joke ;) because I think about doing something, and then within hours I am making it happen. Take COOK CLUB. It was an idea me and my mates had banded around (as we are all appalling and cook the same-ol same-ol meals each and every day...) So we just DID IT... got together and started from scratch. We swapped dinner time meal ideas, and then started learning some basic skills that we are all *lacking*.
For me it was pastry. It always fills me with dread, as the goo gets under your nails and in your ring crevices... and it ends up tasting YACK. So determined (and armed with an excellent US pastry recipe book) we conquered within 5 mins the ins and outs of great (really flaky yummy) pastry.
The key? The right ingredients - TREX is a must! As well as whacking it all in the food mixer *gasp* and not touching one slimey nodule until it is ready to be rounded and rolled. Leave in the fridge... and then you have the base to your very own PUMPKIN PIE!
We did *try* and cheat on the pumpkin pie filling - but in the end no Libby's canned pumpkin could be found, and we discovered the art of creating our very own puree from culinary (weenie) pumpkins. Does it all sound like a lot of faff - heck no?! If I can juggle this all with prep for QVC, prep for an intercontinental trip... and kids wanted to get stuck in... then I reckon anyone can do it! Recipes available on request (I have them in PDF format!)

Want to try something different today - reignite your love of (good) food ;)


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh these look so yummy I am now hungry!!! I am so trying to be good!!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Ooh, how lovely do those pumpkin tarts look? I can do the pastry (pretty well as a matter of fact but I prefer making it by hand as in the processor tends to be a little heavier) I would LOVE the recipe for the pumplin puree though, please....? My (almost) 8 year old would love to help as she just lurves to bake with her momma!



Chriss Rollins said...

Mmmm bet they are deli
chriss x

Amie said...

How ambitious of you all! I fear I'm just about completely *clueless* when is comes to pastries! And making the pumpkin filling from scratch?! That derserves and A+ from me! I know I looked all over for any sort of pumpkin filling in a can last year and couldn't find any *anywhere* (although I must admit I wasn't one to just hop in the car and go investigating on unknown roads, so I was a bit limted while there in the UK.) BUT...I'd love the recipe to have a go at it!

Jackie said...

They just look scrummy......I would love the recipe too please :)