Thursday, October 16, 2008


It is a little surreal to be in a place that I have only ever seen on TV. Although I am a far cry from travel superhero Michael Palin...

Taipei is a bustling city (seriously... no one seems to sleep here!) The people are warm and welcoming. We drove past Taipei 101 (the second largest building in the world) and headed to our hotel. I don't eat airplane food since my unfortunate *puking* experiences (is that too much info?!!) So I was starving, and have to confess that the KFC across the road was shouting at me. I think it is safety in familiarity (plus I *knew* for sure it wasn't dog food... literally ;)
After bod all sleep (roughly 2 hours) it is on the road to visit factories - we get on the SUPER FAST train (it's like the Japanese Bullet) in an hour or so... so I better get dressed!
Updates later xxx


Chriss Rollins said...

I would be at home over there I dont do much sleeping either.
chriss x

PinkLadyMel said...

Did you know KFC is the number one fast food where you are :D

Glad you made the plane journey, have a wonderful time.. It sounds so exciting!!