Thursday, November 13, 2008

Online inspiration... budge over printed mags!

The trend is definitely not a new one... with the likes of focus on "projects, projects, projects" attracting approx 225,000 crafters (they identified the opportunity early...) SO with's launch (see yesterday's post) as well as launching their own e-cards...both promoting their online inspiration - do we really still love to sit down with a printed magazine?

Digital Scrapbooking (US publication) seems to think not, as it closed it's doors and went whole heartedly online only (click link for online issue: LINK.) Not the first mag to bite the dust on newsstand shelves, but definitely not the last. Both Scrapbook & Cards and Craft Life & Home both launched as dual purpose publications... serving the instant fix online and then delivering a hand held hunk of love to leaf through.

Interestingly no-one really gets excited about downloadable magazines. There is something a little remote about them, that leaves us tactical crafters wanting... We are after all in the business of touching and feeling. We may shop online in our millions - but we still get a little giddy when we walk into a craft shop. In this heightened state of euphoria sniffing paper is certainly permissible...

Already the new price point for Creativity Life (now only a credit busting £2) is proving that crafters desire a little touchy feely indulgence to flick through... BUT we fickle fashionetas are STILL looking for a quick fix online to stave off scrappers block. We want the best of both worlds (what woman doesn't?!!) and lucky for us, someone is out to deliver whatever we wish for...

So whizz around the online world of inspiration, then grab a mug on the sofa and cuddle up with a great magazine. The perfect chilly Thursday therapy.

Becks xxx


Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Becks,

I do love to check out crafting info on line BUT I still need a mag to take to bed with a hot chocolate to relax and enjoy.

chriss x

Max said...

I agree ... there's nothing quite like being snuggled up in bed and devouring a good craft magazine from cover to cover ... then back again.