Friday, November 14, 2008

This week has been mad...

TV tripe is viewing bread and butter. I watch those TV programmes where the passengers miss their plane, and rolled my eyes at the cliche. THEN... I arrive at Athens airport on Tuesday as my plane flies into the clouds - and realise that the naff reality is exactly how it is portrayed on TV.

THAT was the beginning of my week. We had to wait 7 hours in the airport, pay for a new flight which landed at the WRONG airport... then drive to Gatwick to pick up the car, then drive back. It made for an interesting "we'll laugh about it one day" beginning to my week... Hence the lack of Wednesday Wishes... just call me Ebenezer; *bah humbug*!

THEN I hear that my little sister is staring in a film in a scene with DEMI MOORE!! She blagged her way onto the set (they are filming in her suburban neighbourhood in the US ;) and somehow wangled accidentally to become one half of a couple who Demi chats to... surreal or what?? Needless to say that the film may be a pile of poo - but I shall be lining up to watch and buy it as a family heirloom.

So I am ready to grant a wish to the lovely Dental Nurse SARAH (follower and commenter ;) We R Memory Keepers goodies are all yours! CONGRATULATIONS. Just email me your address.

Love Becks xxx


Max said...

Congratulations Sarah. Enjoy your prize.
Oh you poor thing Becks. I sometimes watch those programmes too and wonder how I would react in that situation ... would I stay cool as a cucumber or have a hissy blue fit? As my passport has expired I'm not liable to find out any time soon LOL!
Sorry you had such an awful start to the week but hopefully it got better. Certainly your sister seemed to make up for your misfortune. Hope she got an autograph.


Chriss Rollins said...

you had a very good start to your week and hey a film star in the family.

congrats to the lucky winner of all those fab goodies. x