Thursday, January 29, 2009

CHA Winter 09 - Day Two...

So new colours for their signature queues, petalpoint et al... but the most exciting thing on their stand was their adorable new SMOOCH shimmer inks. They look like nail polish, but are this glorious bling ink that works with a fine brush to nestle into crevices and crannies to create dreamy sheens to pebbles to clay, cards and fabric. VERY VERY yummy...

Lasting Impressions:
I worked with Lasting Impressions before, and just *love* their stencil designs. We do have some in store promos on select demo boards - but here we have some new ones!! As well as all things brass, they have perfected the Memory Mixer to a version 3 reign supremo digital solution. The boys playing with it were hooked... which says it is user friendly ;) Even Holly was all over it - and planning her Wedding Photobook (which this sucker can make in minutes!) Looking forward to seeing more...

Purple Cows:
The recent TSV tool was outshone by the lush icube storage solution on the booth. I instantly fell in love, but only because I can see a whole craft room/kid room/shed organised with this gear! Forget the colouring for a moment, as you wait till you see how light weight it is (urm that is aka cheap shipping for yous and me!!) It is modular, and massively MUST HAVE.

Can't leave CHA without having your picture with a purple cow?!! They were filming the Craft Diva (that TV show) in the background... all good ;)


LoloDesigns said...

I want the icube system! Your trip is making me a very poor lady ;o)

Max said...

Oooooh ... those dinky inks look .... well .... DINKY!
I think I like them the best out of today's offerings.


Ali M said...

ooo,looooove the blinging ink!!!think i might need every colour of that!!
And the purple cow storage looks fab!!
thanks for keeping us drooling!!