Thursday, January 29, 2009

CHA Winter 09 - Drama on the dancefloor (outside!)

Just to let you know that this was our brief brush with fresh air before we were whisked back into the dark and frantic world of CHA (...only seconds after being evacuated.) Oh the drama! Paris Hilton didn't even cause this much hoo-haa... ;)

Last pictures of the show will be posted tomorrow... otherwise I will be spoiling you too much! xx


Wiccababe said...

haha was the guy at the end not looking for his 5 minutes of fame? lol

Chris said...

All of these sneak peeks are making me drool.... you are so lucky to see everything for real.
Thanks for sharing with us :D
Chris xx
p.s.Waiting for the next sneek peek is becoming an

Amie said...

love the background music there Becks, lol