Monday, January 12, 2009

Paris Hilton hits the Craft Scene...

Lock up your kids... your new BFF is getting into crafting...

Hilton's Crafty New Project
11 January 2009 6:07 AM
Socialite Paris Hilton is set to unveil a new project - she has designed a craft set for kids.
The hotel heiress has already put her name to a variety of ventures including her own fragrances, a footwear range, a clothing line and a hair extensions brand.
And now she has produced 'Paris Hilton, the Creative Collection' which will be unveiled at the Craft + Hobby Association 2009 Winter Convention + Trade Show in Anaheim, California later this month.
The kit is billed as "a multi-faceted line of fashion crafting kits from some of the most popular craft segments including scrapbooking, jewellery making and fabric embellishment."
What are the chances of bumping into her at CHA?!!


Max said...

If you do ... bump into her at CHA that is ... I would make sure to go straight to the bathroom and use antibacterial soap in case you catch something nasty.

Not sure that kids and Paris Hilton are a good combination regardless of the product ... but that's only my opinion.


Sarah said...

Jeez, if I spot her I will be giving a wide birth, there is enough prima donnas in the scrapbooking field without adding Ms Hilton into the mix.

Catch up with you in a week or so!