Monday, September 28, 2009

"Dorset Life"

Having finally adjusted the wonky picture above the fireplace, and already knee deep in my abundant crop of pine cones from my leaf-blanketed garden, I am finally feeling more settled into Dorset Life.

I moved due to work demands - but having spent a few weeks breathing the fresh air and rambling through random farm fields and forests, I would quite happily subscribe to this locality through choice.

I had a birthday recently and Rachel Allen Cookbooks (***see pic... no it is NOT me!) were heavily featured. I have her BAKE book (a firm cupboard fav) and the new Rachel's Favourite Food at Home has already got me reaching for the online shop button, ordering chicken to boil up for a homemade pie. I am already feeling virtuous from having reduced my garden-grown cooking apples into sauce for Christmas! The threat of rearing chicken is next...
Becks xxx


amanda stokes said...

Hi Becks!Glad to hear you've settled in!(I'm lee's OH btw lol)
hugs amanda x

Just Sew Sue said...

Nice to hear you're alive and well.

Louise said...

Hi Becks, it's nice to see you back on your blog. I thought you'd lightened your hair for a minute!!
I'm looking forward to reading your witty & informative news :)
Louise x

Crafting Queen said...

Glad to see you back in blogland. Sounds like your move went well. Have a nice day. Anesha

Kate said...

Your back! thought you had left the country. glad you are settling in well down here in the south ** Kate **

Luluuk said...

I too love Rachel Allen's recipes - I have all of her books! Are you watching her new series on Good Food channel?

minerva said...

thought you had fallen off the planet and could not believe how much you looked like Rachel Allen, then I read the post.... doh...

Kim with a K said...

I can't tell if you still blog in 2011???
I Hope So!!!
I found your blog in an interesting way!
I was commenting on PS I Quilt when I saw a women's comment above mine and thought, "Hmmm, I'll just click on hers...Sue see what blog she follows and I saw yours listed.
I liked the name, so I looked and saw... Rachel Allen!!!
I have just recently (2 weekends ago) found R Allen's book "Favourite Food at Home" and HEART it!!!
I have made her pecan/maple syrup muffins (heavenly)
and her chocolate cake for BD Parties....TWICE since then!!!
I have made my own icing which cuts down on the sweetness!!!
I have added pictures of her cakes to my blog...(I'm new in 2011! And just recently figured out how to add pictures!!!)
Anyways... hope your still blogging!!!
I just became a follower!